Connection To Heart

Experience Life In the Sacred Space of Your Heart


Purchasing the CD or Digital Copy

The Value of the connection to ones inner truth can only be measured within one’s own heart. Using this recorded meditation can allow for spirit to open directly to the truths being revealed within the personal and universal heart matrix. Payment for the recognition of your inner truth revealed from The Connection to Heart Meditation on this CD can be made in many ways. I encourage you to listen to your heart when determining how you wish to value this process.

  • Monetary feedback that reflects the personal value of an individuals own experience can be made. Please inquire.
  • All monetary profits from the meditations will go to one of these two organizations: Ronald McDonald House (Calgary) or The PREP Program
  • Share the meditation with anyone who is wishing to feel the inner knowing of unconditional love.
  • Know we are all connected and be open to the moments in life where a kindness or act of compassion may affect the expansion of someone’s heart. When those moments arise take action and affect the expansion of your own heart.