...peace flowing within.

It is a wonderful feeling when you begin to perceive everyone around you as whole and complete...


Connection to Heart Intuitive Healing

An Intuitive healer recognizes the sacred gifts and promises that sometimes lay hidden within ones inner truth. Life experiences may create blockages in the vibrational flow of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Working with the universal life force energy that makes up all things one is able to look within to reveal the underlying issues that affects ones ability to live an authentic life with the freedom to experience life as it unfolds.

Healing Sessions

with Loree are individualized and reflect the personal needs of each client. As an experienced practitioner in the fields of Reiki, The Goddess Healing Matrix System™ and several other intuitive healing techniques, Loree helps her clients connect to their own inner wisdom to affect healing on all levels.

As a Higher Priestess Practitioner™ Loree assists those who wish to experience the frequency of core transformation, infinite self-love, radical joy, and expansion of personal power. Using her own personal experiences to connect you to the goddesses that can help you begin your own process of healing. Allowing you to strengthen the 33 facets of your own crystalline structure.

A session may include the use of Oracle Cards, Hands on Healing, Crystals, Rainbow Essences, Elixirs, Meditation, and Channeling.

Healing Session: $150 per session

Intuitive Readings: $95 per session

Please contact me if you feel that this healing will help you.